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Love – an elaborate set of emotions, actions and feelings of warmth that can last an eternity. You know what else can last forever? Single-use plastic that gets dumped into landfills every holiday of the year! The commercialization of Valentine’s Day means a day filled with flowers, cards and gifts. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), $23.9 billion was spent on Valentine’s Day in 2022. One more time for the people in the back, $23.9 BILLION for just one day!

Celebrating love is a beautiful thing, and whether you’re spending the day with a loved one, consider taking steps towards being kinder to the planet, too. If the Earth was your BAE (before anyone else), would it put up with all of your garbage? Or are you giving her the love and attention she deserves? Here are four ways to show Mother Earth some love this Valentine’s day:

Ditch the Bouquet

Nothing screams I LOVE YOU more than a dozen red roses. Unfortunately, most flowers are transported in from warmer regions of the world, especially during the dead of winter; and the environmental costs of shipping are significant. Not to mention they do, of course, die.

On the other hand, plants (indoor or out) can hang around for years, adding beautiful green and natural accents to any home or office. Bonus! These photosynthesizing organisms can convert CO2 we exhale into pure oxygen and eliminate any toxins in the air. In fact, scientists have confirmed that plants, as well as the microorganisms living in the soil, can scrub the air of cancer-causing organic compounds.

Cook a Meal at Home…Better yet, Make it Vegetarian

Dodge the crowds at a restaurant and create a vegetarian masterpiece with your sous chef(s) in the comfort of your own home. Eating meat has a substantial impact on the environment. In fact, animal agriculture accounts for about 16.5% of human-caused greenhouse emissions globally. We get it, it might be something different than what you’re used to, but that just makes it even more exciting.

Subscribe to a Nexamp Community Solar Farm

What better way to show your love for the planet and a cleaner energy future than subscribing to a Nexamp community solar farm?! Our projects generate clean local energy year-round. The benefits of solar are rewarding, not only for the planet but for your wallet too. Nexamp subscribers can save 10-15% on annual electricity costs by tapping into community solar.

If you’re already a subscriber, tell your loved ones about Community Solar with Nexamp. When they subscribe, you’ll both earn a $25 Amazon gift card.

Take a Romantic Walk…and Pick up Trash Along the Way

Plan to spend some time reconnecting and giving back to the planet by combing lakes, rivers, trails, or beaches for trash and plastic. Next time you’re heading out for a walk around your neighborhood, consider taking a biodegradable trash bag with you and pick up any debris you might find. Download the Ocean Conservancy’s app, Clean Swell, to document what you’ve collected along the way.

Whatever your plans are on Valentine’s Day, set some time aside to show your love and gratitude to the pale blue dot. After all, it’s the only home we’ve got!