Lions and tigers and…sustainable Halloween costumes? OH MY! Halloween is creeping up on us, and what better way to celebrate the holiday festivities than to go all out with a green bang! Here are some ideas to keep your Halloween low-to-zero waste free:

Pumpkins. Ah yes, the iconic jack-o’-lantern that sits with a dim light glowing through its friendly (or unsettling) smile and surveilling your every move as you pass by its stoop. Can you guess which patch the orange face came from? To help cut back on your carbon emissions, buy locally grown pumpkins. Save the seeds to roast them with a little olive oil and some salt. Carvings can be used for delicious baked breads and pies. Don’t forget to compost the rest!

Décor. We’ll admit it. We love decorating, especially during spooky season, but sometimes this means more waste. Try getting crafty with these EEK-o-friendly décor ideas:

  • PUMPKINS + GOURDS – Decorate your home with compostable items like pumpkins and gourds. Paint them, carve them or stack them for an autumnal look.
  • PAPER – Old cardboard boxes and recycled paper around the house can make for a great crafts day with the kids. Use cardboard to create tombstones and paper to make cut-out bats.
  • GHOSTS – Old sheets with a bundle of leaves from the yard and some yarn can be used to make a friendly ghost for the front lawn. If you choose to invest in Halloween décor, try to avoid plastics.

Costume. Instead of spending a fortune on a costume you’ll probably wear once, consider reusing costumes from previous years. DIY costumes that utilize items or fabrics that have been circled around your home can spark your creativity at zero cost and zero waste. Previously owned clothes = most sustainable fashion choice!

Ditch the plastic bag. If you’re planning on taking the kids trick-or-treating, break out the old pillowcases sitting in the linen closet, or buckets and canvas bags similar to this Nexamp one below!

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Happy Halloween!