We’ve all done it. Saving coupons to get $2 off on your purchase of your favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream or subscribing to an online newsletter to receive 10% off your first purchase. So why not be a super saver when it comes to your electricity bill?

Whether you’re living on a fixed income, cutting back to save up for your first house, or just being thrifty, 15% savings can go a long way.

At Nexamp, our community solar farms generate credits that are applied to our subscribers’ monthly electrical bills. Their allocated share of the solar farm earns them credits as it generates power, reducing their electricity costs by up to 15% (NOTE: discounts on Nexamp credits differ by state). What could you do with the money you save by tapping into community solar with Nexamp? Let us break it down for you:

On average, a Nexamp community solar subscriber in Massachusetts saved $264 on their annual electricity costs, just last year! When you consider that a Nexamp community solar agreement is valid for 25 years if you choose to stay on the project, the savings can really add up!

1-year savings = $264

5-year savings = $1,322

10-year savings = $2,644

15-year savings = $3,966

And if you decide to stay for the entire project’s lifetime, you’re looking at around $6,610 in energy savings! In addition to subscribing to a community solar farm, there are also simple ways to implement energy efficiency in your home to help you cut the costs of your utility bills, from smart appliances to best practices or by tapping into renewable energy projects.

What can you get from 1 year of energy savings?

  • The average monthly transit pass in the greater Boston area costs around $90 a month. With 1 year of energy savings, the average commuter will be able to put that towards 3 months of public transportation, 2x a day, 5 days a week.
  • Did you know that just last year, the United States used 7.5 billion barrels of petroleum, two-thirds which went towards transportation? It costs $1.18 to charge a Chevy Bolt for 50 miles. That means a year savings of energy can get you over 11,000 miles of charging! Reduce your emissions and save money by going electric on your next vehicle.
  • Coffee aficionado? Hello 88 reusable cups of it!

Community solar with Nexamp is a sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective way for people to improve their carbon footprint while saving on electricity costs. You don’t have to worry about any commitment, cancellation fees or upfront cost. And if you’re not interested in the savings, consider your impact on the environment when tapping into local clean energy. Interested in seeing how much money you could save? Send a recent copy of your utility bill and one of our knowledgeable team members will analyze your monthly electrical bill, give you an estimate on your annual savings, and recommend a suitable allocation of our farm for you to subscribe to at up to a 15% discount. At Nexamp, we’re building the future of energy, so it is clean, simple and accessible to everyone. Sign up today!