Across the country, many small businesses and non-profits are moving energy savings up on their agendas due to environmental and financial benefits. These organizations may have looked at solar energy as a way to save money but found going solar difficult due to high upfront costs or inability to install solar panels on their property. That’s where community solar comes in.

Community solar with Nexamp allows anyone in the local utility service area to subscribe to a share of a solar farm and receive energy credits that reduce their monthly utility bill. Because there is no fee to enroll and no long-term contract, small businesses are taking advantage of the many benefits Community Solar with Nexamp has to offer:

Lower Electric Bills

Community solar programs allow you to lock in savings. When businesses subscribe to Nexamp, we allocate a share of our solar farm that generates the same amount of power they use in an average year. Businesses receive credits on their electricity bill based on the solar energy contributed to the local utility grid by their solar share, offsetting the majority of their bill. At Nexamp, we guarantee up to 12% savings for bill credits received (note: savings vary by state). This guaranteed discount lasts for the entirety of your contract, meaning you will always save with community solar.

Flexible Terms

Nexamp’s community solar program allows organizations to participate in a way that makes the most financial sense to their business. Other community solar programs force organizations to purchase panels, owning them as an asset, and then receiving a payback over time. At Nexamp, you can subscribe to a solar farm with no money down. You’re free to pay as you go with no upfront cost, no long-term contract and no cancellation fee if you choose to walk away at any time. Plus, you’ll start seeing savings as soon as you receive credits on your utility bill.

Benefits the Community

The unique benefit of community solar programs is that they are exactly what they say – community oriented! Nexamp builds solar farms in communities across the states we operate in, powering local job growth and accessibility in affordable clean power to the local grid. In fact, the U.S. solar industry now employs about 250,000 workers, according to the 2019 National Solar Job Census. Supporting community solar programs means supporting local job growth and clean energy generation in your community.

Brand Environmentalism

With a rise in solar incentives across the country, more cities and states are encouraging businesses to engage in energy efficiency efforts. Community solar is a flexible and cost-efficient way to satisfy any business’s or non-profits’ environmental goals. Giri Hotels, a hotel management company based in New England, partnered with Nexamp to help address their two challenges; energy savings and a social responsibility on environmental engagement.

Environmental goals are becoming an essential part of a business’s marketing strategy. Today, 69% of Americans are aware that global warming is happening, which means people are more likely to crave positive change by buying into brands that are putting the planet first. In a recent survey cited by Harvard Business Review, 65% of consumers said they want to buy purpose-driven brands that advocate sustainability. Talking about sustainability efforts as part of a business’s brand or service can be a valuable differentiator between an organization and their competitors.

At Nexamp, we know that this difficult time may feel like uncharted territory for many small businesses across the country. And with so much uncertainty and fear around the stability of our economy and our health, we want you to know that we are here for you and here with you.

We’d love to learn about your small business or a small business you know that could benefit from our community solar program. Especially during these trying times. Drop us a line!