As the crisp breeze of autumn heralds the changing of seasons, nature unveils its vibrant palette, casting a spell of enchantment across the landscapes. At Nexamp, we believe in celebrating the beauty of renewable energy and the harmony between nature and technology. Join us on a virtual journey through the tapestry of fall foliage surrounding our solar farms, where the brilliance of changing leaves mirrors the innovative spirit of sustainable energy.

Burgess Solar, MA

Burgess Solar is a 6,470-kilowatt array located on a previously underdeveloped portion of an active cranberry bog in Plymouth, MA. The array consists of approximately 2,024 panels and spans over four acres. Through Nexamp's Community Solar program, over 20 area residents, small businesses, and non-profits can share in the electricity savings generated by the array. The remainder of the electricity savings will benefit Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, the world's leading independent non-profit organization dedicated to ocean research, exploration, and education.

Tanglewood Circle, MA

Sugar Hill Solar 1

Sugar Hill Solar is a 6.8-megawatt community solar project in Clifton Park, NY. The project features nearly 15,000 solar panels and is capable of serving over 800 residents who get their electricity from National Grid, through Nexamp's Community Solar program. With community solar, the benefits of solar energy are made available to anyone with no up-front costs or long-term commitment. Through the program, subscribers can save on their annual electric costs while supporting the growth of clean, renewable energy in the region.

Nexamp Peak, MA

Nexamp's first community solar project was built in 2015 at Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort in Massachusetts. Spanning 12 acres (about half the area of Chicago's Millennium Park) near the base of the resort, Nexamp Peak was the largest community solar project in the northeast at the time of construction. Through Nexamp's Community Solar program, the project will save local residents and small businesses money on their annual electric costs. Combined with Jiminy Peak's existing 1.5-megawatt wind turbine, 75-kilowatt cogeneration unity, and extensive conservation efforts, the solar array enables the resort to offset 90% of its energy needs from local renewable resources, making it one of the greenest four-season resorts in the Nation.

Rosebrook, MA

As the curtain falls on this picturesque display of autumnal grandeur, we find inspiration in the delicate dance between technology and nature. Our solar farms not only contribute to a cleaner and brighter future but also stand as witnesses to the ever-changing beauty of our planet. The fall leaf peeping experience around Nexamp's solar farms is a reminder that sustainable energy solutions and nature can coexist, painting a compelling picture of a world where progress harmonizes with the natural rhythms of the Earth.

We invite you to continue appreciating the wonders of the changing seasons and the innovative strides we are taking toward a greener tomorrow.