All of us, whether we are individuals, small businesses, or large corporations, have the opportunity to be thoughtful and intentional with the impact we have on this earth. Often those who make the most positive impact have a purpose. Being rooted in that purpose helps fuel their ability to learn new things, accept new information and continue to create positive change to the environment and the lives of those around us.

This holds true for Maine Beer Company, a local brewery in Freeport, Maine that prioritizes their commitment in showing others to think deeper, think more long term and with their purpose, simply summarized as to “Do What’s Right”. As a new arrival in the State of Maine, Nexamp is proud that Maine Beer Company chose to be one of our first community solar subscribers.

Maine Beer Company was founded in 2009, during the Great Recession, by brothers Dan and David Kleban. The two knew they wanted to start a company that didn’t look like the world they were seeing at the time; a company that put people, community and the environment first. The phrase “Do What’s Right” is what fermented as the company’s motto. While some might see this philosophy as a cliché, the phrase is truly the guiding principle when it comes to Maine Beer Company’s everyday decision making. Not just in beer creation but in decisions involving their communities, their employees and the environment, too.

Taking care of their people is a high priority for Maine Beer Company. The company believes that the culture is what makes the organization come to life and their industry leading salary and benefits attract and retain the people who make the company go. With a focus on environmentalism, Maine Beer Company tends to attract employees who care about working towards a better future for the planet. The company’s commitment to the environment dates back to day one. By joining 1% For the Planet, Maine Beer Company has been pledging 1% of their gross annual sales per year to environmental nonprofits to help combat climate change.

But their championing of environmentalism doesn’t just end there. Brewing takes A LOT of energy and beyond energy consumption, comes the byproducts and waste that can negatively impact the environment. Maine Beer Company believes in investing in renewable energy and operating their brewery as sustainably and efficiently as possible. So,in 2015 the company had an opportunity to expand their facility, but rather than expanding, they chose to install solar panels to their facility’s roof along with a tracking system, that now offsets 40% of their energy consumption.

Last year, Maine Beer Company set an audacious goal for themselves: to create more clean energy than they consume by 2030. Without the space to generate enough energy on site to meet the goal, it was very apparent that Maine Beer Company was the perfect candidate for Community Solar with Nexamp. Subscribing to Nexamp’s solar farms in Maine will allow Maine Beer Company, in combination with their existing rooftop and onsite array, to meet their goal to generate more energy than they consume 9 years ahead of time.

Homes and businesses of all different sizes have a number of clean energy options today, but a community solar subscription, like Nexamp’s, provides a unique opportunity in terms of ease, scale and saving potential. Even better, community solar is community generation, helping bring more local jobs and clean energy to a community’s electrical grid. Through community solar with Nexamp, Maine Beer Company will reduce its annual electricity costs while improving their sustainability goals.

Businesses, like Maine Beer Company, play a huge role in how they impact their communities by replenishing resources they are using, taking responsibility, and showing others how they can nourish the environment, their employees and their communities, all while doing what’s right.

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