Last September, Nexamp announced its launch of Nexamp Spark Lab™ as an innovation lab to encourage our team members to bring their ideas to life. The mission of Nexamp Spark Lab™ is to explore new ideas that can transform Nexamp’s business or the energy industry as a whole. Fast forward a few months and now three groups, that have been selected, are nearing their second stage of pitching. Let’s meet the teams:

Omar and Matt

Omar and Matt allied as a Nexamp Spark Lab™ team after a quick duel of Forbidden Desert, at a Nexamp gameboard night that revealed their shared interest in electrifying transportation.

Omar is one of Nexamp’s Solar Performance Analysts. His day-to-day usually includes testing, analyzing, and monitoring all of Nexamp’s owned PV infrastructure.

Matt is Nexamp’s Senior Portfolio Accountant. With a knack for numbers and renewable energy, he has spent the last year leading financial reporting for Nexamp’s project entities.

Although their day-to-days might look a little different, the two care strongly about making a difference in the fight against climate change. Through a shared passion for electric transportation, the duo has set sail on the idea of electrification of our transportation systems, with solar playing a vital role.


Pat has spent his post grad years devoting his time to an industry that makes a positive impact on the world: renewable energy. As Vice President of Engineering, Patrick’s day-to-day responsibilities involve overseeing design engineering, energy modeling and electrical design of Nexamp’s solar and storage projects. He finds it exhilarating to work in a rapidly growing industry with constant advancements in technology, so his decision to participate in Nexamp Spark Lab™ was inevitable, to say the least.

Pat’s idea originated from a previous project he was working on before he arrived at Nexamp. Now, with the help of Nexamp Spark Lab™, Pat is focused on improving power quality to increase the efficiency of power supply, while delivering immediate cost savings.


Clayton has spent his first nine months at Nexamp as an Inside Sales Associate, educating people about the benefits of community solar. Before Nexamp, he was an undergraduate researcher at the University of New Hampshire, where he studied food systems and supply chain on a local level. After college, Clay knew he wanted to work in an industry that supported his values.

His idea came from his daily interactions with potential community solar customers who were really excited about solar energy but concerned about the space solar farms would take up. The concept of agrivoltaics, the colocation of solar arrays and agriculture, offers a possible solution for solar farms to help maximize land use. Clay hopes to build resilience in the green energy industry and food production to help with some of the challenges in today’s land use.

Over the next few months, these groups will further develop their ideas with business and financial support, including mentorship and research. Their mission is to develop sustainable ventures that impact the future of the energy industry. Check back in a few months to learn how Nexamp Spark Lab™ is progressing!