The days are getting warmer, and flowers are starting to peak out of the ground—all signs point to spring, just around the corner. As we thaw from the winter and temperatures get warmer, new energy efficiency measures can be implemented at home to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck when heating, cooling, and using appliances in your home. Keep reading to learn how we’re optimizing our energy use in the increasingly warm and sunny days!

Reduce AC Use

On average, cooling and heating account for 47% of home energy use. While maintaining a comfortable temperature in the home is well worth the energy use, there are certainly ways to optimize your heating and cooling energy use without sacrificing comfort. Putting off turning on your AC is a great way to reduce how much energy you’ll use on cooling throughout the warm months. In the spring, when the mornings and evenings still have a bit of a chill, rather than turning on the AC during the day, opt to open your windows and let that cool air in. 


Reverse Ceiling Fans

To make the most of the cool air coming through your windows, change the direction of your ceiling fans so they spin counterclockwise. This will help push colder air down and support a chillier temperature as the days get warmer. Changing your fans to spin counterclockwise can help you reduce your reliance on your air conditioning, therefore reducing your energy use and electricity costs.

ceiling fan in bedroom

Open the Curtains

With the sun setting later and later, it’s the prime time to take advantage of natural light and reduce your use of overhead lights and floor lamps. Keep your curtains open while the sun is shining instead of turning on the overhead light when you can. Not only will you flood your home with lovely natural light, but you’ll save on energy too.

window letting in sunlight

Clean Airducts

Start getting into the swing of spring cleaning by getting rid of all the dust and debris that collects in your air ducts. Not only will this improve the quality of the air in your home by reducing the dust particles you’re inhaling, but it also makes your cooling system work more efficiently. If you have AC units, be sure to clean these as well before using them for the season. The cleaner your AC unit and air ducts are, the better they will work, cooling your home as efficiently as possible.

air vent

Take Stock of Appliances

No time like spring cleaning to look at your appliances and see if anything needs to be replaced after years of wear and tear. If you notice that any appliances need replacing, consider opting for electric EnergyStar options to help optimize your energy use. While they may be a little pricier up front, over time these appliances are going to be better for the planet and your wallet, a win-win. 

kitchen appliances

As you welcome spring, consider taking advantage of some of these tips to optimize your energy use as the days get warmer. While some of these are small changes, over time, they can have a real impact on your energy use!