In this Community Solar Q&A, Charles from the Community Solar team will help you understand your credit production and explain why it can differ by season.

Why is my monthly Nexamp bill different from my electricity cost?

Hey there! My name is Charles and I’m on the Community Solar team here at Nexamp. If you’re already familiar with community solar with Nexamp, you’ll know that our shared solar farms generate credits that are applied to our subscribers’ monthly electrical utility bills. Nexamp then invoices subscribers for those credits at a discounted rate, saving customers on their annual electricity cost.

This means that our subscribers receive two monthly bills – one from their local utility with solar credits listed as a line item and one from Nexamp for the credits applied to their utility bill.

Some of our subscribers find that their monthly Nexamp bill occasionally exceeds their monthly electricity bill. Why is this?

The power generated by a community solar project varies from month to month, based on the amount of sunlight it receives. Summer months typically feature more sunlight that generates a higher level of solar credits to help offset your electricity costs. Winter months typically mean less sun and fewer credits.

Just like our solar farm production differs by month, your home electricity usage varies by month and by season. These seasonal changes are why you sometimes receive more credits than you need. But don’t worry…those credits belong to you and are carried forward by the utility to be applied to your bill during months when you don’t have enough credits to fully offset your electricity usage. This usually happens in the winter when monthly solar production is lower.

The end result is you save on your annual electricity costs. And all the power your solar farm share produces goes to good use, generating credits that you can use now or later depending on your power consumption.

To learn more about how credits work, be sure to check out our video on credits on our Youtube channel.

At Nexamp, we’re building the future of energy so that it is sustainable, simple, and accessible to everyone. Feel free to leave your questions in the comments section below or visit us at to learn more about community solar with Nexamp.