I am currently a new Asset Manager for Nexamp, monitoring and maintaining the company’s operating solar portfolio. Only six months ago, I was finishing up my undergraduate studies, still somewhat unsure of my career trajectory. I studied English and Environmental Science at Wesleyan and I have always had a passion for current issues relevant to my generation. Environmental threats are only becoming more pressing and I was confident that coupling these problems with developing technologies would lead to a lot of untapped job growth in the industry. It was this initial lure that brought me to Washington, D.C. for an environmental policy internship just a few weeks after finishing up college.

I was interning for an environmental think tank over the summer in D.C. where we organized congressional briefings on climate change and renewable energy topics. I wanted a fast paced position where I felt like I was also making a difference. While I did find this job to be extremely gratifying in so many aspects, sometimes the policy side was a bit too stagnant for me. I wanted to see things moving and developing for renewable energy, so my transition to the Asset Management Internship at Nexamp was pretty fitting.

In the four months I have worked at Nexamp, the company has already built 7 megawatts of new operating solar assets and is expecting 35 new megawatts in the upcoming year. The company’s growth is pretty infectious in the office culture as well. We work in an open office environment, so everyone is really keen on helping you learn and grow as a young professional. Even as an intern, I felt like my voice was heard and that I was given meaningful and interesting tasks. Employees are hard workers and there is room to excel within the company. It’s also a pretty fun environment to work in; from the constant smoothies to the daily ping pong games, there’s always something going on.

As a full time Asset Manager now, I work with project owners, utilities, off-taking customers, the operations and maintenance (O&M) team and finance personnel. My day to day usually includes helping with invoices, tracking REC prices and working with different financial models. I have already learned so much during my time at Nexamp and am excited that, only six months after graduation, I work in such a fast paced and interesting field.

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