– So, many folks are interested in reaping the benefits of solar. But they’re uninterested in owning solar panels. So, does solar leasing require that high upfront cost?

– Yeah, totally. That’s a great point. A lot of people who are interested in installing solar panels on their roof or on their property, may not be able or willing to put out the upfront costs associated with actually purchasing a solar panel system. There are a couple of options, one of which is a solar loan. A lot of financing companies now offer zero down solar loans

– That’s incredible.

– Yeah, which is amazing, with very competitive rates. So, that means that if your solar loan is less than your monthly electric bill you start saving immediately from solar panels which is super cool. Another option is to lease solar panels. So, similarly to other large purchases, like buying a car, instead of buying it outright you could lease it from a dealership. A few of the large installation companies in the country offer that as one of their primary business models. Unlike leasing a car, you don’t get to re-up and choose a new car after three to five years. But, it is a way to still reap the benefits of solar without actually purchasing it. Another great option, as you’re familiar with at Nexamp, is Community Solar.

– That’s right,

– If you’re home isn’t, or your property isn’t suited for solar panels for installation, or if you’re a renter, and are interested in getting in on the action for solar, Community Solar’s a great way to do that. Participating in a solar, a Community Solar program. And like your guys programs have savings baked in from your standard electric.

– That’s right. If you’re interested in wanting to know if there’s a farm in your area, visit Nexamp.com.