Solar Power International, the largest solar trade show in North America, happened last week in Salt Lake City. As always, there was a lot to absorb and a couple of our Nexampers (plus our favorite shepherd!) had the chance to join a couple of panel sessions.

Here are our highlights from SPI 2019:

Make it Easy and Rewarding to Be a Community Solar Subscriber

Our VP of Marketing, Kyle Marchesseault, kicked off Tuesday morning by joining a panel to discuss how to grow community solar by attracting new customers

Kyle stressed the importance of making community solar accessible to everyone and explained Nexamp’s flexible contract that does not require a credit check, upfront fees or long term contract for any potential customer.

Once a subscriber has signed up to a Nexamp community solar farm, the relationship doesn’t just end there. Kyle stressed the significance of creating a connection to our customers by keeping them engaged through email or social media and sharing stories that are happening at our farms. One example is Nexamp’s solar grazing projects with Lexie Hain.

At Nexamp, we believe that it’s important for our customers to see and share how necessary their role is in creating a cleaner energy future.

Focus on Policy to Unlock Community Solar Growth

On Wednesday, our very own CEO, Zaid Ashai, joined leaders from Coalition for Community Solar Access, NYSERDA, Pivot Energy, and Clearway Energy Group for an insightful discussion on nationwide expansion of community solar and improved access to clean energy for all.

Community solar growth has been driven by permanent and pilot programs in a few states, and the market is positioned to hit a point that will unlock growth. The panelists walked through the policy priorities that will make that growth and scale a reality for community solar in the United States.

Solar Grazing

Solar and sheep…name a better duo!

Lexie Hain of the American Solar Grazing Association held an informational workshop that had everyone flocking to her presentation. ASGA offers valuable resources and guidance to sheep farmers who graze their livestock at solar projects. ASGA also serves as a connection point for members and solar developers across the nation. During the discussion and workshop Lexie gave her perspective on vegetation management and the logistics and benefits of solar grazing.

Lexie Hain and Lewis Fox of Agrivoltaic Solutions are providing sheep for two of Nexamp’s solar farms, and by partnering with ASGA, it’s making it easier to maximize land for both clean energy production and agriculture. We were honored to sponsor Lexie at this year’s SPI conference!