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Pull out your reef-safe sunblock and grab a hat, summer has arrived! In honor of its kickoff, we’re challenging you to approach this season differently. There are plenty of ways to support our planet throughout the year, but here are a few tips that are especially effective in summer months. Try one or try them all – your energy bill will reflect your efforts.

Hang Dry Your Clothes

Going from the washer to the sun benefits your energy bill and clothing. Traditional dryers often cause heat damage, and the harsh tumbling can result in delicate fibers losing their shape. Drying racks come in all shapes and sizes, are easily stowed, and they’ll never lead to broken clasps or tears. Whether you set up shop in front of a window or in your backyard, position your drying rack in direct sunlight for quick results. Bonus, there’s nothing like the scent of fresh air.

Keep Lights Off During the Day

Did you know that lighting accounts for about 15% of an average home’s electricity use? While the sun is up, keep your switches off and curtains open. Natural lighting is always free and more than ample during the summer. The more energy you let in, the less you’ll have to pay for. Limiting your use will trim your bill but installing LED lighting will take your savings to the next level. The average household saves about $225 in energy costs per year after making the switch.

Cook Outdoors

Ditch the kitchen and meet your friends at the grill. Barbecuing is one of America’s favorite summer activities, and it benefits your energy bill. Not only does it limit your need for AC, it gives other appliances a break and brings you closer to nature. And of course, it’s a great way to get to know your neighbors.

Replace Your Air Conditioner Filters

As older air filters break down, they release particles that directly inhibit your cooling system. These fibers and debris restrict airflow, resulting in more run time and higher cooling costs. To keep your system operating cost-efficiently, ENERGY STAR recommends replacing them every three months. Taking this step will directly benefit your home and energy bill.

Only together can we make this world a brighter place. Join our challenge and experience the bill-changing benefits. And while you’re at it, involve your friends and family by sharing your progress on social with our downloadable share kit. Everyone who participates will have the chance to win a $100 Visa gift card. Don’t forget to tag @nexamp so we can cheer you on! ☀️