Haul out the holly, put up the eco-friendliest tree and fill up the stockings…with sustainable gifts! The holidays are in full swing and we all know how stressful and exhausting it can be. Our yearlong efforts of practicing sustainability can go out the window in the chaos of holiday logistics, indulging in festive cookies and, of course, the nerve-wracking pressure of gift giving. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of last-minute sustainable and ethical gift ideas for a variety of loved ones on your good list – friends, family, neighbors, yes, even the fur babies. Let’s sleigh ride in:


Full Circle creates sustainable home care products for any home. The ZIPTUCK is definitely one of our favorites. With a variety of prints and colors to choose from, these sustainable storage bags are the perfect holiday gift for anyone on the go!

2. The Filt French Market Tote Bag

Stylish and eco-friendly, this market bag will get A LOT of use. From holding everyday necessities, to being the safe haven for some photogenic fruit and veggies, the Filt French Market bag can be easily stowed away after a trip back from the local grocery store. Pro tip: gift them to the beach bum. They make great beach bags!

3. FinalStraw. The Perfect Keychain Accessory

Did you know Americans use 500 million straws every day? FinalStraw is putting an end to the single-use plastic suckers. Clean and compact the FinalStraw makes for a great stocking stuffer for anyone who wants to rid their lives, and the planet, of single-use plastic!

4. Pela Case

Beautifully designed, durable, and 100% compostable, the Pela cases are the world’s first sustainable phone case. Eco-Bonus: as part of their mission to create a waste free planet, Pela is a proud member of 1% for the Planet, supporting organizations who are working hard to better the Earth.

5. Reusable Water Bottles

From convenience to the most hated garbage, the plastic bottle has played out quickly throughout the last 5 years. Keep someone on your list hydrated by gifting them a reusable water bottle!

6. Bamboo Toothbrush

Made from bamboo, not plastic, this brush helps to eliminate plaque, cavities and one of the most prevalent forms of ocean plastic pollution. Give the gift of dental hygiene sustainably!

7. The Gift of Community Solar

Tell your family, friends and neighbors about Community Solar with Nexamp! When they subscribe, you’ll both earn a $50 Amazon gift card! What better way to spread the holiday cheer, while supporting clean energy and local job growth in your community!

8. The RuffWare Travel Bowl

Sustainably produced to reduce waste, this portable bowl was made to provide dogs and cats with food and water on the go. The Quencher is easily collapsible and fits in about any pocket or backpack for any adventure. Spoil your pet this year without spoiling the planet.

9. Biodegradable bags for Cats & Dogs

Okay, so this one might not be as fun for your pet, but it’s a critical necessity. While it’s important to pick up after your animals, we also don’t want to add more single-use plastic to landfills. These BioDOGradable waste bags are made from vegetable-based material. Once disposed, microorganism’s breakdown the components within 3-6 months leaving no trace behind!

10. The Gift of Time and Presence

There’s nothing quite like the gift of experiences. They provide memorable moments shared with loved ones. Passes to a new exhibited at the local museum, a cooking class, or tickets to their favorite bluegrass band, encourage your loved ones to get out and be present in the moment. Find out what’s in your area by visiting here.

Season’s greetings!