Looking for a gift that keeps giving? Show your love for Mother Earth and all the other phenomenal women in your life by going sustainable this year!

Bamboo Sheets

Few things are better than a good night’s sleep. And once you go bamboo, you can’t go back. This plant provides a great alternative to cotton-based products while balancing our atmosphere with 35% more oxygen than similar trees. Buttery-soft and machine-washable, these sheets regulate temperature and wick away sweat, leaving you comfortable, cozy and rejuvenated. Cozy Earth, Ettitude and Fybr are all great options!

Plant-Based Beauty

Going all-natural has never smelt so good. Spruce up your mom or mentors’ makeup bag with products sourced from the Earth. Whether it’s mascara, eye shadow or lipstick, Āthr Beauty has a plant-based alternative. What’s more, a portion of all sales are donated to environmental charities.

Say ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ with 300+ raw ingredients sourced from 68 different countries. TaTa Harper is not your average skin care. Each nutrient-rich product is designed without compromise, resulting in bioactive botanicals that nourish all skin types.

Spring Flowers

Give the gift of fresh air, birds, butterflies, and bees this year. If someone you love has a green thumb, or is looking to grow one, daisies, snapdragon, and lavender are great additions to any garden.

  • Daisies: The center eye of these flowers represent an all-you-can-eat meal for many pollinators. If you have daisies in your garden, you can expect a visit from hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies.
  • Snapdragon: The scent, color, and physical appearance of these flowers are a dream come true for bumble bees. Over the years, they’ve evolved to suit various pollinator needs.
  • Lavender: When lavender blooms, it attracts bees like a magnet. Their amazing scent also wards off unwanted insects.


Did you know 87% of Americans do not get their daily dose of required greens? If you think a woman in your life is one of them, introduce her to 8Greens. Their gummies, lollipops, chewables, effervescent tablets, and powder sticks come with eight servings of daily greens and are easily added to any routine.


Who doesn’t love reusable bowls and bags? This woman-founded organization is eliminating the need for single-use plastics by introducing a colorful, silicone alternative to food and everyday storage. Throw them in the microwave, on top of a stove, in a freezer, dishwasher or oven, and do so for decades. These eco-friendly options all seal and one percent of every purchase goes back to Momma Earth.

Mother’s Day comes around once a year, and if we support planet-friendly products, it always will. Shower the amazing woman in your life with love by shopping sustainably this year.