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Hi, my name is Anna and I’m on the community solar team at Nexamp. One of the questions we get most often from customers is “why do I get two bills when I subscribe to community solar?” I’ll explain to you why and tell you what we are doing to make it better for customers.

If you’re already familiar with community solar with Nexamp, you’ll know that our shared solar farms add electricity to the utility grid, which generate credits that are applied to our subscribers’ monthly electrical utility bills. Nexamp then invoices subscribers for those credits at a discounted rate, saving customers up to 15% on their annual electricity cost. If you’re thinking, “Wait, I have TWO BILLS?”, stay with us.

Yes, our subscribers receive two monthly bills (for now)– one from their local utility with solar credits listed as a negative line item and one from Nexamp for the credits applied to their utility bill.

You’ll receive your utility bill first with the credits applied. Nexamp will then send you a bill for the credits generated by your share of the solar farm. We discount those credits by up to 15% so that you save on your electricity cost while tapping into solar energy.

We know receiving two bills is not ideal. Community solar is growing fast and, unfortunately, the option to pay for everything on one bill is not in place just yet.

As a Nexamp customer, you have the option to sign up for automatic bill pay for your Nexamp bill to make things easier.

The great news is that by subscribing to a local solar farm, you’re doing your part to make a difference on the environment all while saving on electricity.

At Nexamp, we’re building the future of clean energy so that it is clean, simple and accessible to everyone. If you have more questions, visit our billing FAQs page at or give us a call at (855) 727-4636.