In this Community Solar Q&A, Kyle from the Community Solar team introduces community solar, a new way to tap into solar energy without rooftop panels. He’ll walk you though how solar providers like Nexamp make it easy to tap into clean energy even if you rent your home or don’t have a good roof for solar.

What is Community Solar?

Hi guys, my name is Kyle and I’m on the Community Solar team over here at Nexamp. We’re passionate about our impact on the world and making solar energy accessible to everyone. And one of the main ways we do that is through Community Solar, so let me tell you more about it.

Simply put, Community Solar is solar without rooftop panels. Yes, you heard that right, no rooftop panels. Where are the panels located? At a solar farm that is interconnected to your electricity grid. Here at Nexamp, we build and operate these solar farms. That means you don’t have to worry about installation and management of solar panels.

Let’s take a look at how it works:

1. Utility customers subscribe to local solar farms. We make sure you are assigned the right number of panels to match your annual electricity use.

2. The solar farm feeds clean power into your community’s electricity grid, earning credits for the power generated

3. Those credits show up on subscribers’ utility bills, saving them as much as 15% on their annual electricity cost!

**About that last part…Nexamp charges our customers a discounted price for credits, saving them money on their annual electricity cost. That’s how subscribers can get savings while going solar with Nexamp.

Not all states in the U.S. have Community Solar programs but we expect more states to adopt them in the years come. The mechanism for making it possible is called virtual net metering credits. If you want to learn more about how those work, check out our video on credits on our YouTube channel.

At Nexamp, we’re building the future of energy so that it is sustainable, simple, and accessible to everyone. And at the foundation of our farms are people like you who help support clean power. Visit to learn more and sign up!