Nexamp is on a mission to decarbonize the world and we’re partnering with farmers, ranchers, and landowners to make it happen. If you’re interested in a new revenue stream, supporting biodiversity, and uplifting your community, let’s talk about solar power.

Guaranteed Income

Regardless of size, shape or location, community solar farms generate tremendous value for their hosts and nearby residents. If a section of your land is suitable for community solar, rest assured our farms are not permanent. A Nexamp solar lease typically lasts 20-25 years, and this entire time we’re paying you rent. For two decades, you and your family can count on a signed check from Nexamp. We’d like you to be involved in the planning process so you’re happy with the final project, but once the farm is built, we hope that you’ll hardly notice us. Yes, the farms do take up quite a bit of space (larger-scale farms stretch 50 acres or more), but they are low-profile, motionless, and make nearly no sound. While having a minimal impact on the natural state of the land, you can harvest energy from the sun, support your community with clean, locally produced power, and boost your financial security. By partnering with Nexamp, you get to maintain ownership of your land while watching it grow into something completely new. Added benefits are Mother Earth’s lasting approval, little to no maintenance costs, and 20-25 years of sustainable profit. Your future generations will thank you, and so will your land. Community solar farms have many ways of supporting biodiversity.


Nexamp is in the business of clean energy and strong soil. To support biodiversity, we introduce a native pollinator seed mixture to our farms when construction is nearly complete. This bolsters topsoil for extreme weather conditions and sequesters carbon from the atmosphere. When it’s time for mowing and weeding, we release the sheep. Nexamp always tries to incorporate sheep grazing on our farms, and we’re even working with a landowner that’s acquired his own flock. Our team supports every approach to decarbonization and it’s great working with people that feel the same calling. Sadly, our climate is changing and if anyone experiences that day to day, year over year, it’s farmers and ranchers. We’re racing to electrify the grid with clean, reliable sources of power, like solar, to eliminate the need for earth-breaking energy practices. But we need the space to do it. If you want to be a part of the clean energy revolution, and outline a bright future for generations to come, consider a community solar farm. It would mean a lot to your community as well.

Community Value

Our community solar farms are designed to represent and support the community they serve. Whenever possible, we pull in local contractors which stimulates the economy and spreads education around renewable energy. In some cases, these jobs can even turn into careers. Recently, we launched the Solar Sunrise program which invites people of all backgrounds to apply to our one-year rotational program focused on solar engineering and construction. Renewable energy has already changed the world, but are you ready for it to change your finances? The income you’d generate by hosting a community solar farm is steady, just like the sun and Nexamp. We design, build, own and operate our community solar farms from start to finish, so if there is ever a problem, we’ll be the ones to take your call. The objective is to support you, the earth, and the strength of your local power grid. Once the contract is up, our team will come in to decommission the project and restore everything back to the way we found it. This income would be passive but very powerful. Let us plant some extra sun on your land while you dedicate time to your other operations.

Solar power is low-maintenance, cost-efficient, and truly the most in demand power in the nation. It doesn’t have to be today, tomorrow, or next week, but if you are open to turning a section of your land into a carbon-cutting solution that will benefit your wallet, land, and community, reach out. We’re available Monday – Friday 8:30AM – 6PM EST.