Nexamp is a company with deeply rooted values, values that shape the way we interact with our customers and partners as well as with our employees. We strive every day to be fair and inclusive in our business practices, and that means we also embrace diversity at every level of our workplace. That steadfast commitment to diversity shapes the way we hire, promote and develop our talented team of professionals.

However, talk of diversity, equity and inclusion cannot be limited to the people we hire; it must also include an awareness of the varying ways in which those people choose to celebrate or commemorate their background or culture and the days that are important to them. Whether personal, cultural, religious or patriotic, certain days have important meaning for each individual, and we believe it is not up to an employer to decide which days are more important or worth celebrating. The old way of structuring a company holiday policy no longer meets the needs of the rich and diverse communities that make up our nation.

So, in July of this year, we completely rewrote our company holiday policy, eliminating the list of formal holidays and giving all employees flexible holiday time off to observe those days that are important to them personally. This enables our employees to prioritize time to gather with family and friends, meditate or reflect on higher priorities, or just rest and relax. How they allocate their time is up to them and can be coordinated within each team to ensure business needs are met while also meeting the needs of employees.

Nexamp’s new holiday policy is a direct result of awareness by the company leadership that it is wrong to force our team members to take time off in observance of holidays that may not reflect their religious or personal beliefs. Now, Nexamp is open every day of the year, and team members can choose which holidays they wish to observe, with general guidance of 9-12 holidays per year.

There is one exception in the new company holiday policy. The only day Nexamp will be officially closed is Election Day (every two years for major elections). This is a company observed day off to allow everyone the opportunity to express their choice and vote. As a company, Nexamp believes that the privilege of voting is one that cannot be taken for granted and wants to ensure that every employee has an opportunity to cast a vote and help in the election process.

The final component of this new approach to company holidays is the designation of four company-sponsored service days throughout the year—Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Earth Day, Juneteenth and Veteran’s Day. On these days, employees are encouraged to get involved as individuals or groups in their communities and seek out opportunities to serve in ways that make the most sense for them.

For too long, the company holiday mindset in our country has been one of complacency and convenience. We feel that we can no longer embrace the old way of looking at holidays. Our diverse workforce is what makes our company innovative, compassionate and successful. Moving forward, this new holiday policy respects what makes our team members unique and makes it possible to strengthen our world view through understanding and mutual respect.