Community solar:

Surprisingly Simple Solar for Everyone

See if it’s Available Near You
Approximately 50% of homes can’t support rooftop solar panels. If yours is one of them, Community Solar is a super easy way to support local clean energy and save up to 15%* on electricity – without installing rooftop solar panels or signing annual contracts.

How It

We get solar from 93 million miles away. If you’re eligible, we make it easy to get it from a solar farm near you.

How It

You and your neighbors subscribe to a share of one of our solar farms in your state.


How It

The solar farm feeds clean power into your community’s electric grid while earning energy credits for you.


How It

You purchase these energy credits at a discount, reducing your electricity costs up to 15%*


That’s it. Easy, right?

No catch. No hidden fees. Just a smart way to reduce your electric bills and do right by your home and your community.

Don't Buy the Farm,
Tap into It.

Thinking about installing rooftop solar panels? Here’s why tapping into a Community Solar farm might be a better option.
You don’t have to install anything on your roof
You save about 10-15%* on your annual electric costs
You don’t have to sign an annual contract
You don’t have to pay to maintain panels
You can cancel at any time
You support local clean energy in your community
*Exact savings vary from state to state

Frequently Asked Questions

Lower energy costs with no rooftop solar panels? We know that sounds too good to be true. And we get that you’ve probably got a lot of questions, too.
Question not on the list?
Do I have to install solar panels on my roof?
Am I eligible?
How does it lower my electricity costs?
Do I get two bills?
Does this mean I no longer receive power from my local utility?
Do I have to switch my energy supplier?
How do I get started?
What’s the catch?
Question not on the list?

The Town of Rochester couldn’t ask for anybody better to partner with than Nexamp for our community solar projects. The personal touch by their staff made everything so easy for our residents to sign up and they really take the time to answer all the questions. Looking forward to successful projects with Nexamp at the helm.

Mike Baden
Supervisor, Town of Rochester, NY

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