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How Community Solar Works
We get solar from 93 million miles away. If you’re eligible, we make it easy to get it from a solar farm near you.
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For most people, tapping into solar energy has meant installing panels on your roof. But what if you could get the benefits of going solar, without the rooftop panels? Community Solar is the solution, and here’s how it works.

You subscribe to a local solar farm in your community. This solar farm feeds clean, solar energy into the local electricity grid.

You continue to receive power from your utility as you do today, but as a Community Solar subscriber, you receive credits on your utility bill for the energy generated by the solar farm.

You purchase these credits from Nexamp at a discount, which can lower your annual electricity cost by up to 15%*.

Community solar is the perfect option for those who don’t have the right roof for solar panels, find the installation prices too high, or just don’t like the look. And it doesn’t matter if you own a house, or rent an apartment, anyone can sign up.

You may be wondering, “Why choose Nexamp for Community Solar?” Here are four reasons…

At Nexamp, we own and operate our solar farms and we manage the process from start to finish. We value developing lasting relationships with landowners and hire local professionals and contractors to build and maintain our solar farms whenever possible. At the end of the project’s life cycle, we remove the solar farm and return it to its natural state.

Second, you don’t have to worry about any commitment, cancellation fees or upfront costs as a Nexamp community solar subscriber. We believe in doing right by the environment and by our subscribers. That means a flexible contract that does not lock you down or charge upfront costs. And there are no credit checks.

Third, it’s easy! There’s no need to change your utility, and no rooftop panels to install. Community Solar with Nexamp makes solar energy accessible for residential utility customers.

Last, and most important, the savings. Nexamp subscribers can save up to 15%* on annual electricity costs by tapping into community solar.

So what’s not to love? At Nexamp, we’re building the future of energy so it is clean, simple and accessible. Sign up today!

*Savings vary by state.

That’s it. Easy, right?

No catch. No hidden fees. Just a smart way to reduce your electric bills and do right by your home and your community.

Don't Buy the Farm,
Tap into It.

Thinking about installing rooftop solar panels? Here’s why tapping into a Community Solar farm might be a better option.
You don’t have to install anything on your roof
You don’t have to sign an annual contract
You don’t have to pay to maintain panels
You can cancel at any time
You support local clean energy in your community
*Exact savings vary from state to state

Frequently Asked Questions

Lower energy costs with no rooftop solar panels? We know that sounds too good to be true. And we get that you’ve probably got a lot of questions, too.
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Do I have to install solar panels on my roof?
Am I eligible?
How does it lower my electricity costs?
Do I get two bills?
Does this mean I no longer receive power from my local utility?
Do I have to switch my energy supplier?
How do I get started?
What’s the catch?
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I love being green. I wanted to install panels on my house, but I was told it could not support them. I was shocked, and then found Nexamp! I'm so happy I did!

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