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Approximately 50% of homes can’t support rooftop solar panels. If yours is one of them, Community Solar is a super easy way to support local clean energy and save up to 10%* on electricity – without installing rooftop solar panels or signing annual contracts.

How it Works

We get solar from 93 million miles away. If you’re eligible, we make it easy to get it from a solar farm near you.

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You and your neighbors subscribe to a share of one of our solar gardens in your state.


The solar farm feeds clean power into your community’s electric grid while earning energy credits for you.


You purchase these energy credits at a discount, reducing your electricity costs up to 10%*

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That’s it. Easy, right?

No catch. No hidden fees. Just a smart way to reduce your electric bills and do right by your home and your community.

Don’t Buy the Farm, Tap into It.

  • You don’t have to install anything on your roof
  • You save about 10%* on your annual electricity costs

  • You don’t have to sign an annual contract
  • You don’t have to pay to maintain panels
  • You support local clean energy in your community

Refer Friends, Get Rewards.

Tell a friend about Community Solar with Nexamp and earn a $25 reward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lower energy costs with no rooftop solar panels? We know that sounds too good to be true. And we get that you’ve probably got a lot of questions, too.

Question not on the list?

Nope. We build and maintain the panels on our nearby solar farm. You don’t have to build, install or hook up a thing.

It depends on where you live. Right now we service areas across New York, New England, New Jersey, Minnesota, Maryland and Illinois, but we’re always expanding. Enter your zip code here to see if it’s available in your neck of the woods.

Your allocated share of the solar garden earns you energy credits as it generates power. You’ll pay us a discounted rate for those credits, and they’ll automatically be applied to your monthly electric bill. For example, let’s say your portion of the farm generates $100 worth of electricity. If your discount rate is 10%, you would pay us $90 and you would receive a $100 credit on your electric bill, reducing your cost.

Yes (for now). We’ll send you a monthly statement for your share of the farm, and you’ll keep getting your regular electric bill (minus your earned credits). You can sign up for automatic bill pay, which can help alleviate any extra work.

No. Your power will still be delivered to your home by the same company – we’ll just feed our energy into their grid. If there’s ever a problem or outage, you’ll get the exact same service from the exact same people.

No. If you are purchasing power from a third-party energy supplier or ESCO, you can continue to do so. Enrolling in community solar is a good way to reduce your electricity costs without impacting your relationship with your existing energy supplier or ESCO.

All you need is your zip code. If you’re eligible, we’ll reach out to chat more about your eligibility, and ask for a copy of your electric bill so we can see your usage and determine the size of your allocation.

No catch. We believe in doing right by people and, well, the world. We’ll never lock you into an annual contract, never charge you any upfront fees, and never charge you to walk away—if you don’t like the service, you can cancel at any time.

Joining a solar community farm was the best option for me - no upfront costs, no panels that can deteriorate over time and subsequently produce less power. Plus, Nexamp customer service is excellent.

Pat W
Nexamp Subscriber

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