Community Solar

Saving money while supporting clean energy is easy for homeowners and renters.

  • No rooftop panels
  • No sign-up fees
  • No long-term contracts
  • No cancelation fees

Save between 10% and 15% on electricity costs*

*Savings vary by state

Community Solar 101

Easy as 1-2-3
Number one
You and your neighbors subscribe to an upcoming solar farm that will feed clean energy into your grid.
Number two
Once it’s built and generating power, you’ll receive solar credits for your share of the energy.
Number three
You pay Nexamp for these credits at a 10-15% discount, reducing your annual electricity costs.
The Benefits with Nexamp
People sitting around a pool
Solar panel
Annual electricity savings
Open to homeowners and renters
Open to homeowners and renters
Money chart going down
Long-term grid stability
No rooftop panels to install
Sustainable source of clean power for all

Community Solar FAQs

You support the generation of clean energy and secure 10-15% savings on electricity costs by subscribing to a local solar farm. These projects are in high demand, and we start accepting subscribers before they are built. Signing up secures your spot, but you have the option to cancel without any fees; however, it may take up to 90 days to go into effect. Your electricity savings will begin once the farm is built and operating.

No, Nexamp is not your energy provider or your utility. You will continue to receive and pay a utility bill for your electricity. Nexamp is responsible for your solar subscription, and we work with your utility company to ensure you receive credit on that utility bill for your share of the project.

Lower electricity bills, fresh revenue streams, and stronger communities are Nexamp’s specialties. Our farms are built for the people we serve, and we pull in local landowners, contractors, and utilities to ensure the benefits stretch far beyond savings. We create jobs, host sheep grazing, and reduce America’s dependence on fossil fuel-based energy.

Once the solar farm goes live, your 10-15% savings begin. Your allocated share of the farm earns you bill credits as it generates power. These credits are automatically applied to your utility account and reduce what you owe on your electric bill. In our pay-as-you-go subscription, Nexamp bills you separately for the applied bill credits, always at a discount. We’re actively working to consolidate this into a single bill, but in the meantime, you can enroll in autopay to avoid stress over a second bill.

To learn more about savings with community solar, watch our video about the billing process.

Your monthly savings will vary based on solar production, the timing of your energy consumption, and when your utility applies your bill credits. You can expect more credits in the summer when we produce more solar power, fewer in the winter, and enough annually to cover the majority of your electricity costs.

To learn more about why your credits vary month to month, click here to watch our video about seasonal variability.

We look at the last 12 months of your electricity use to determine the right number of solar panels for you. If your usage exceeds your share, you do not need to worry about running out of power, as it will still come from your utility.

Your savings begin 2-3 billing cycles after the farm goes live. First, we finish building the solar farm, then we complete testing and connection with the grid. After that, the utility starts applying bill credits to your account. Depending on your state, you may see longer wait times, but once your contract is signed, your discount is guaranteed for the duration of the project.

You can cancel your subscription without any fees. We simply ask for 90-180 days' notice, depending on your utility. That is the longest it could take us to process your request. To cancel, please reach out to our customer support team via email at or by phone at 855-727-4636.

To learn more about cancellation, watch our video about the process here.

The power generated from our projects is highly valuable and cost-efficient. We take advantage of state programs along with tax credits and state incentives to safeguard the grid and lower your electricity bill. The substantial savings go to you, and the long-term benefits of solar power go everywhere.

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