Solar farm in Rockford, Illinois

Affordable & Clean Energy Is Our Common Ground

A shared drive to reduce energy costs for lower-income residents brought Nexamp, ComEd, and the City of Rockford together in 2021. Now, a former city landfill is a community solar farm generating electricity savings, tax revenue, and better air quality across the area.

Bridging the Gap

Lower-income households often don’t have access to clean energy or the cost-saving benefits. This team is bridging this gap by offering electricity savings for free. 

  • Nexmap, ComEd, and the City of Rockford partnered in 2021 to launch Give-A-Ray, a program that provides electricity savings to income-eligible households for free.
  • 650 ComEd customers can enroll in Give-A-Ray per year.
  • The program is enabled by the Illinois Solar for All Program.
  • Customers save $100 - 125 per month through free credits on their electricity bills.
  • The project is sited on a former city landfill.
Solar farm in Rockford, IL

Community Solar Farm

Located just north of downtown Rockford, the community solar farm features more than 6,600 solar panels with 2.6 megawatts of solar generation capacity. It’s sited on a former city landfill, giving new life to an otherwise unused plot of land while ushering in a host of other benefits.

Reduced Electricity Costs
Creation of Local Jobs
Property Tax Revenue for the City of Rockford

Life-Changing Cost Savings

Relief from High Energy Costs

The Give-a-Ray program is helping Rockford’s lower-income residents save $100 - 125 monthly on electricity costs. Many residents at the Luther Center are now enjoying $0 electricity bills and the benefits that come with them.

Access to Clean Energy
Reduced Electricity Costs
Inclusion in the Clean Energy Transition