Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

Nexamp works with large organizations and corporations such as manufactures, municiplaities, educational institutions and others to reduce their electric expenses through Power Purchase Agreements. In addition to traditional PPAs, these can take the form of credit puchase agreements and various forms of virtual PPAs. By enrolling in a Nexamp community solar farm, participating groups are able to directly support the advancement of clean energy in the communities they serve.

Nexamp typically offers a fixed discount on the value of the energy credits generated from each project, providing a reliable source of savings each month. Regulations governing these agreements vary by state, but most organizations are able to achieve significant savings with no up-front costs.

Benefits of a long-term energy savings agreement:

  • Significant savings beginning in year one, and continuing for the life of the agreement
  • No up-front investment and no equipment to install
  • Localized benefits, with the ability to offer multiple projects to achieve scale
  • Ability to expand and differentiate your sustainability story
  • More flexibility than many traditional power purchase agreements

To assess the savings opportunity, we begin by analyzing a business customer’s historical utility usage and spending. Based on usage data, we assign a dedicated portion of the energy credits generated by the solar farm each month to your electricity accounts. Once the project achieves commercial operation, credits begin appearing monthly on your designated accounts(s), directly offsetting your bill to utility and/or third-party supplier. Each credit is sold at a discount, providing reliable savings each month.

Shares of the remaining portion of the solar farm are often co-marketed to employees or customers of the business or organization. This allows the customer to extend the benefits of the solar farm to employees/staff, customers, and the border community.

To learn more about how your organization can benefit from a Nexamp solar project, please provide your contact information to speak with one of our specialists.