Powering Scouting and Local Schools

This 6-megawatt project at the Treasure Valley Scout Reservation in Rutland, Massachusetts, underscores the significant, positive impact solar projects can have on a community. The system enables the Mohegan Council (Boy Scouts of America) to take advantage of net metering, generating $250,000 in annual energy savings to local municipalities and schools.

Part of the income from hosting the project will go towards funding in STEM Certificate professional development classes for 27 fifth grade teachers at local public schools. In partnership with National Grid, the local utility, Mohegan Council is also developing an alternative energy curriculum for students at the seven vocational high schools within Mohegan’s Council's region.

Among the largest photovoltaic projects in New England, the ground-mounted project was built through one of the most difficult winters in recent history. Following the success of this project, the Mohegan Council is already planning its second solar installation at the Treasure Valley Scout Reservation.

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Thanks to the efforts of our dedicated volunteers and Nexamp, we are able to enhance our educational programs for our scouts and the community, and the steady source of revenue will allow us to grow and do more scouting.
Jeff Hotchkiss
Scout Executive
Mohegan Council, Boy Scouts of America