Saving Money With Energy Storage

Benefits of a Nexamp BESS

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Electricity savings with no major capital costs for you


A BESS draws power from the grid when it’s cheaper and stores it for use when energy costs are higher


Connects to your on-site solar or EV charging stations

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Nexamp designs, builds, owns and operates the BESS. We are your partner for the long term


IBEW Local 103

Nexamp recently completed a solar + storage installation with International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 103 in Dorchester, Mass. This project builds on the IBEW’s history of strong environmental stewardship and leadership with a solar and energy storage project that pairs 220 kW DC of solar on IBEW’s roof with 200 kWh of energy storage on the ground adjacent to the building. Located behind IBEW’s meter, the system is expected to produce 265,000 kWh of electricity per year, meeting over 60% of the building’s electricity needs with clean energy. Pairing the solar array with energy storage enables IBEW to store electricity produced by the solar array to use when it is most needed, reducing demand charges by up to 33 percent.

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Nexamp Energy Center

Energy Storage Applications

Many types of buildings can benefit from a Nexamp owned and operated BESS. Whether the priority is cost savings or resilience, energy storage provides a number of advantages that make a building more efficient and more desirable. Nexamp works within a wide range of applications:


Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturers know well the cost challenges of high demand charges. Installing an energy storage solution allows manufacturers to smooth out demand by drawing and storing power continuously and then making it available when demand spikes or providing backup power for greater resiliency.

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Office Buildings

Office buildings consume more than half of the electricity produced nationally for functions such as climate control, lighting and electronics. An energy storage solution provides office building owners with improved resilience and reduced environmental impact while also enabling them to smooth out the demand curve or provide back-up power.

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Education Campuses

Education campuses are well suited to the addition of energy storage because their energy consumption can peak during high demand charge periods, leading to skyrocketing costs. The potential environmental benefits of storage are also important as students and administrators look to maximize institutional sustainability efforts.

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Talk to Nexamp About Energy Storage

Interested in exploring an energy storage solution for your business or project? Nexamp analyzes markets, incentives, tariffs, and electric usage to develop the optimal storage solution for all clients. And because we handle all technology procurement and installation and own the BESS at your facility, you get savings on your electricity costs without incurring any major capital costs. Talk to us today.