Workforce development

Building an Equitable & Inclusive Clean Energy Workforce

Nexamp is partnering with workforce development programs across the country to address our nation's skilled labor shortage equitably. Whether you have no experience, limited education, or a record, you can participate in our internships, fellowships, and hands-on training programs to establish a long-term career in clean energy. Open-to-all is how we became the Nation’s largest Community Solar provider, and it’s how we’ll train the leaders of tomorrow.

The Unequal Climate Burden

Nexamp stands as an ally in the energy equity battle. Our mission is to bridge the divide, offering a sustainable lifeline to those who need it most.

  • The United Nations estimates that 80% of people displaced by climate change are from vulnerable, low-income communities.
  • A study published in Environmental Research Letters found that low-income communities in the US are more likely to experience extreme heat compared to wealthier areas.
  • According to the World Health Organization, climate change currently causes 150,000 additional deaths annually, with the majority occurring in low-income countries.
Kweise Hughes

Empowering the Leaders of Tomorrow

In this decade, we're addressing the defining crisis of our time – passing the Inflation Reduction Act, unlocking $300 billion in industry funding, and creating 9 million jobs. But who gets these jobs? In the past, times of great transition have exacerbated inequalities, leading to unstable systems that only create new problems. Not on our watch. Since 2007, making clean energy simple and accessible has been Nexamp's mission – including the careers it creates. By supporting equity-eligible pathways into the industry, Nexamp is ensuring a just transition that shores up the future for everyone.

Centering Disadvantaged Communities

A combination of social, economic, and environmental factors is forcing lower-income communities to bear the brunt of climate change. These communities often have limited access to resources, infrastructure, and services that could help, perpetuating the issue. So, Nexamp is focusing our efforts on these areas. With equity-eligible training and long-term career opportunities, we aim to rectify inequalities while building tomorrow’s skilled and passionate workforce.

Junior Achievement

Lawrence, MA

Nexamp and Junior Achievement are coming together to help students carve their path into the clean energy workforce with curriculum, internships, and on-the-job training.

Clean Energy Catalyst

Boston, MA

Through a 3-week hands-on training program, Nexamp is creating its own pool of skilled workers. Our main goal is to hire construction superintendents for Nexamp projects within acceptable budgets.

Solar Sunrise

Boston, MA & Chicago, IL

This is a one-year learning journey that will take participants through 3 job rotations: construction, engineering, and supply chain. It's been expanded to Illinois to offer equity-eligible residents a pathway into the industry.


Chicago, IL

We're partnering with City Colleges of Chicago to develop a fellowship program that creates a robust employment pipeline for students interested in clean energy careers.

Empowering Skilled Labor: Nexamp’s Blueprint for Workforce Development in the Clean Energy Revolution

Creating Careers Where They Count

Nexamp's presence in Chicago, Illinois, and Lawrence, Massachusetts, demonstrates our values and leadership style. We’re creating jobs where they are needed most – in disadvantaged cities and communities – while working with local organizations to spread the word. Offering long-term careers is step one, but ensuring no community gets left behind in this clean energy transition is the goal. And so far, we’ve built a labor pool the whole country can be proud of.