Nexamp and T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) are partnering in Nexamp’s community solar program, which directly addresses climate change by increasing the number of clean power sources available on the local utility grid. The long-term agreement to participate in the Nexamp community solar program is part of T-Mobile’s broader efforts to achieve its science-based carbon emissions targets.

Nexamp is known for putting ideas into action when it comes to fighting the climate crisis, which is why T-Mobile selected Nexamp to help make green energy even more accessible to the communities it serves. With subscriptions to ten separate Nexamp solar farms representing more than 50 MW of total project capacity across Maine, Massachusetts and New York, T-Mobile will realize significant savings through the discounted credits applied to its electric bills in three different utility zones, proof that the company continues to be committed to doing business the right way. Additionally, local electric customers interested in participating in clean energy can subscribe to these projects and receive discounts on their bill.

“Time is not a luxury we have as we look at the urgent need to transition the global energy market to all renewable sources,” noted Nexamp CEO Zaid Ashai. “T-Mobile is leading by example in its sustainability commitments. Solar, wind, on-site, off-site… all these have a role to play in getting away from the fossil fuel dependence that is killing our world. And it’s not just about the generation source, it’s also about doing what’s right for the business financially in the interest of long-term success. We admire T-Mobile’s commitments and are proud to offer a solution that helps the organization to meet its goals.”

“We at T-Mobile are all-in on sustainability and reducing our environmental footprint, so it’s important for us to align with partners that share our passion and commitment for bringing more green energy to the grid,” said Chad Wilkerson, Director of Sustainability and Infrastructure Sourcing at T-Mobile. “We chose Nexamp to help us in that effort because we understand the importance of community solar in our pursuit of a decarbonized future.”

NRG served as the RFP consultant for T-Mobile, which selected Nexamp on the strength of its community solar portfolio. Nexamp will be the long-term owner of the projects.

Nexamp community solar farms generate clean energy that is fed directly to the local utility grid. Subscribers receive credits on their utility bill for the value of the energy produced by their share of the farm. Credits are billed at a fixed discount, leading to meaningful savings for subscribers. Nexamp works with a wide range of commercial customers across multiple markets and utility service territories. Businesses interested in learning more about commercial subscriptions should visit