Even with the increasing demand for solar energy and its long list of benefits, there’s still a surprising number of misconceptions circling around solar power. So, we’re here to help shed some light on those solar myths that you may have heard!

Solar Myth 1 – Solar panels will not work during winter months

On the contrary, most solar panels perform best in colder temperatures, whereas extreme high temperatures can cause solar panels to overheat and not perform at high efficiency. PV solar panels work by harnessing the light of the sun, not the warmth it gives off. As long as the sun is shining, solar panels will generate electricity no matter how cold the temperature is.

But what about snow? Luckily, most solar panels are installed at a high enough tilt for snow accumulation to slide right off the panel and onto the ground. On sunny winter days, this can actually help improve the panels’ production since the snow reflects sunlight and can slightly boost the output on PV systems. Of course, major storms have the potential to bring heavier snow that can block the sun’s rays from hitting the panels. To prevent any loss of production at our solar farms, we partner with local contractors who are armed with the right equipment to remove the snow.

Solar Myth 2 – You need to be a homeowner to go solar

If you rent your home or are running into difficulty with putting solar on your roof, there is a solution! It’s called community solar and it’s the perfect option for those who don’t have the right roof for solar panels, those who live in a shared building, or those who are currently renting. You subscribe to a local solar farm in your community. This solar farm feeds clean, solar energy into the local electricity grid. You continue to receive power from your utility as you do today, but as a community solar subscriber, you receive credits on your utility bill for the energy generated by the solar farm.

Learn more about Community Solar with Nexamp here.

Solar Myth 3 – Solar panels are too expensive

Many people interested in switching to solar may shut the idea down because they assume that it’s too expensive but increasingly that is not the case. With the falling costs in solar installations as well as more flexible financing options, solar is now more attainable than ever. And over the long run, installing a solar system on your roof is an investment that will pay itself off.

Numerous solar companies are now offering solar leasing or power purchase agreements (PPA), which don’t require the high upfront cost of solar panels, equipment, installation and maintenance. Interested in learning more? Energy Sage can help you find and evaluate your solar lease and PPA options.

Solar Myth 4 – You’re off the grid

Using solar power doesn’t always mean you’ve cut the cord to your utility provider. Generally, solar arrays are grid-tied, meaning your home’s system or a solar farm you’re subscribed to are linked to your local utility company’s electrical grid. This allows you to have access to a reliable power source at night, as solar panels will only produce energy when there is sunlight. However, it is possible to go completely off the grid with the use of solar batteries.

Don’t let these common myths steer you away from your interest in solar energy. If you would like to learn more, or if you’re interested in exploring our community solar program reach out to us at (800) 945-5124!