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While the world continues to ride the ebbs and flows of grief and gratitude from the effects of COVID-19, many individuals are finding uncertainty in the quietness of their communities on pause. As the number of unemployment claims in the United States continues to surpass 20 million, Americans are struggling with ways to overcome their financial woes.

At Nexamp, we want you to know that we are here for you. Our focused approach continues to prioritize the communities where we build our solar farms and maximize community solar savings for our subscribers. While this may feel like uncharted territory, community solar remains a great solution for anyone looking to go solar and save money, even during this time of great uncertainty.

Here are some of the benefits:

No Home Visits

Community solar is a fast-growing sector of the solar industry that offers shares of a local solar farm to homeowners, renters, organizations and non-profits in the same utility area. Rather than having solar installers come to your home to install a system, subscribers can tap into a solar farm in their utility territory, and then receive virtual net metering credits that reduce their utility bills. Community Solar with Nexamp makes the virtual sign-up process easy! Even better, tell your friends and neighbors about Community Solar with Nexamp. When they subscribe, you’ll both earn a $25 Amazon.com Gift Card.

The Savings

As many of us find ourselves spending more time at home, we’re also noticing an increase in our daily energy usage, which can lead to a higher electric bill. And with so much turmoil, a high utility bill is that last thing you should be worried about. At Nexamp, our community solar farms generate credits that are applied to our subscribers’ monthly utility bills. Their allocated share of the farm earns them credits as it generates power, reducing their electricity costs by up to 12% (Note: discounts on Nexamp credits differ by state). Just last year, the average Nexamp community solar subscriber in Massachusetts saved $264 on their annual electricity costs. Tapping into a community solar farm is a great way to combat rising energy bills.

Risk Free Program

Subscription-based community solar programs, like Nexamp’s, allows individuals to be subscribers to a solar farm. Subscribers do not own any panels, so there is no need for any down payments or upfront costs. They simply pay a discounted rate to the community solar provider for the credits, saving them money. Community Solar with Nexmap requires no upfront cost to join. You’re free to pay as you go with no long-term contract and no cancellation fee if you choose to walk away at any time.

The safety and health of our communities continues to be our number one priority. In spite of these unknown current events, we remain dedicated to working remotely and are continuing with the construction of our solar farms (where permitted), generating clean energy and providing savings to our community solar subscribers. Whether you have questions about our community solar program or have questions about the sign-up process, we are here for you.