– One last question for you.

– Sure thing.

– Would you say solar, which would you say is better, solar leasing or buying panels or owning your panels.

– Gosh that’s a tough, yeah, that’s a tough question to answer. The right answer really depends on your own circumstances. There are pros and cons to each model. If you don’t want to pay the up front cost associated with an outright purchase of a solar panel system then a lease may be a really great option for you, but then in that case you would miss out on, for instance, the increased home value associated with adding solar panels. You know there was the Zillow article earlier this month that said that on average, putting solar panels on your home will increase the value by four percent. You miss that if you lease the panels.

– Right.

– So one great option is the solar loan, which effectively gives you lease payments, but is a ownership model and with a zero down loan programs that financiers are offering, that means again you start saving right away.

– Well, that’s all we’ve got for today. Thank you EnergySage for coming and helping us debunk these solar myths and for those of you watching, feel free to leave comments, questions. We love hearing them and keep an eye out for other solar energy facts coming soon.