Kaukonahua Solar

About the project

O’ahu is moving away from fossil fuels and into a renewable future.
Kaukonahua Solar is designed to support the island’s goal of being 100% renewable by 2045. The project, located off Kaukonahua Road, will generate clean power, build grid reliance, and lower electricity costs. It is also a part of the CBRE low to moderate income (“LMI”) shared solar program, meaning that community members who meet certain LMI income requirements are eligible to enroll.

Nexamp will finance, construct, and operate the project. We plan to use local labor at prevailing wages for construction and ongoing maintenance and have already established relationships with local contractors.

Surfers Solar Panel Leaf

Supporting Villa Rose

The project will complement an existing partnership between Rose Acres Farms and Hidden Villa Ranch known as Villa Rose. The cage-free layer farm provides local eggs for the residents of Hawaii and is already generating its own solar energy through a battery energy storage system. The 6-megawatt ground-mounted solar project will take this sustainable approach even further and achieve a dual purpose of agriculture and clean energy by incorporating sheep grazing.

Utility of the Future

We’re working with communities, businesses, and municipalities to democratize clean energy and support U.S. energy independence.
Nexamp subscribers receive annual electricity savings, and partners share in the profits of our unique, vertically integrated model. Best practices are honored, operations are efficient, and each year our solution expands farther.

Community Solar 101

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Number one
Subscribe to a Nexamp community solar farm
Number two
Earn utility bill credits once the farm is built & connected to the grid
Number three
Pay Nexamp for these utility bill credits at a discount of up to 15% and save annually on electricity costs
*Savings will vary depending on current electricity rates, seasonal variability of solar power, and electricity consumption.

Our environmental commitments are fundamental to our company culture, employees, and vision.

Being carbon neutral by 2022, with our supply chain carbon neutral by 2030

Recycling all solar panels as they are decommissioned by 2022

Delivering on sustainable land use while following local, state and federal requirements

Creating partnership opportunities for education and technical experience in our host communities