Community Outreach

Community Outreach Plan

Nexamp has been proactive in reaching out to community leaders and organizations across the island. We will leverage multi-channel marketing with their support to engage, educate, and convert new subscribers. A public Town Hall will be held along with monthly updates and pre-construction meetings.
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Communication Outlets

Nexamp will use the following means of communication to reach community members:
  • Printed ads
  • Promoted Facebook posts
  • Public flyers
  • Direct mailers
  • Earned media
  • Paid media

Community Benefits Package

We are also developing a specific community benefits package with stakeholders as a part of our community outreach plan. We have previously worked with communities to support the following:
  • Local sustainability groups
  • Student field trips
  • Community events
  • Volunteer activities
  • Workforce opportunities
  • Dual land use
We look forward to defining a benefits package responsive to community needs.

Community Engagement Process

Together, we create co-branded outreach materials. Postage and printing are on us.
You distribute the materials to your community without sharing personal information with us.
Nexamp follows up with interested households to nurture relationships and guide enrollment.
We’re always open to new ideas! Work with us to further engage your community.

Community Outreach